A Travel Through Minds #5 | What my summer would have been like without meeting her

So it's currently 1:34 am and I'm writing this because a friend of mine (she's a passionate & inspiring writer) told me that I had to stay up late to come up with good ideas for what to write. I'm not a good writer but Floor (the lovely girl who onws this blog) asked me to write something for het blog so here we go..

First of all, let me introduce myself a litte bit. My name is Kyra, I'm 15 years olf, I live in Germany and I met Floor in Florida this summer because we both spent our holidays there. And even though we didn't know eachother before, it was so hard to say goodby to her after 3 weeks together and it's still really tough to not see her anyore. But we promised eachother to meet again soon. We haven't decided when or where but we sure as hell are going to see eachother soon. I don't know what my summer would have been like without meeting her or any of the other people there, who I thankfully got to know. Oh no wait.... I know!

I would have ruined the cake we made for our hostdad because I had to make it all by myself.
I wouldn't have listened to Bethany Mota's cover of "Flashlight" that often.
I wouldn't have received that many ugly snapchat videos & photos of me.
I wouldn't have laughed inside a car that actually was a trash can with wheels.
I wouldn't have had to wake anybody up in the morning
I wouldn't have to share my delicious Oreos with any roommate

I wouldn't know that this Dutch girl has small feet.
I would have annoyed one less person with my Taylor Swift obsession.

I probably would never learned the phrase: "doei doei lekkerding".
I wouldn't have seen the rain coat worn.
And I wouldn't have had that much fun grocery shopping.
I wouldn't have cried so hard at saying goodbye but I also wouldn't have had as much fun as I had with Floor. I'm so glad I got to know her.

She will always be my lekkerding.
Love & miss you
Your lekkerding Kyra


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