A Travel Through Minds #1 | Dear Me in 10 Years

Heey! Vandaag is het dan zover de start van A Travel Through Minds! Ik heb een van mijn vriendinnen uit Italië gevraagd of ze een artikel wilde schrijven en dat wilde ze heel graag! Het is wel in het Engels aangezien ik iemand uit Italië moeilijk Nederlands kan laten spreken! xx Floor

Hi, to each single person who's going to read or even scroll past this.
You may not care, because "who the bloody hell are you?", but let me tell you I'm Rebecca, from Italy, and that I met this amazing person right here (who's doing a really nice job on her blog) when I was far away from home. Now we're thousand of miles apart I believe, but she asked me to write something and I couldn't resist but send her this letter I wrote when I was coming back from the incredible journey where I met her: hope you could relate to some of these things!

Dear Me in 10 years,

You're brave. You're kind.
Don't let anybody ever think you aren't. 
You are what most people would call an outgoing person, with friends all over the world. That, right there, is what I'd call an accomplishment. You've been able to make people who don't even speak your language like you, because you are you, and that will never change. 
You're afraid of the future, because you don't know how it might be: let me tell you something, there will always be things to be scared of, but at least you know your goals, you know how to be better than you already are. 
Just go and show 'em.
I'm writing this while I'm looking out of the window from the plane which is going to take me from Miami to Milan, and then back home. And it's late, I almost can't see. 
But this helps me think, and I guess I just know that even in ten years, that will be the same: you and I both love to write when darkness is all we can see. 
I hope you made it, because you deserve it. And you might ask:" Made what?", and I just don't know. But I guess everything you wanted to do.
And, note to self, keep traveling. 
The horizon is way too interesting to just never try to explore it. Go beyond your limits, and please, please, visit the China Wall and the Grand Canyon. Go to Canada, especially Vancouver. Egypt. Mexico. Brazil. Argentina. Just travel.
I don't care in what language, just don't ever stop.
And for now, last but not least, remember to love yourself: other people do, how are you by any means different? 
You won't ever be alone enough not to do that, because you may not know it, but people do love you. People do like you. People do care about you. So don't be too hard on yourself, because damn it.


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